In 2009 I answered the call for volunteer narrators to contribute to the podcast fanzine StarShipSofa. Sofa Commander Tony C. Smith is an exceptional human being and has created a very welcoming community of sci-fi fans. It is my pleasure to be a small part of the StarShipSofa family.

You can find my readings for the Sofa at the links below. I’ll update this page as they are released.

StarShipSofa #245 Seanan McGuire
Main Fiction: “Crystal Halloway and the Forgotten Passage” by Seanan McGuire 18:00

Aural Delights No 181 Nebula Nominated Adam-Troy Castro
Main Fiction: “Arvies” by Adam-Troy Castro 29:00

Aural Delights No 171 Genevieve Valentine
Main Fiction: “Is This Your Day to Join the Revolution?” by Genevieve Valentine

Aural Delights No 162 Gord Sellar
Short Fiction: “For the Love of Mechanical Minds” by Brenda Cooper 31:50

Aural Delights No 157 August Derleth vs. Peter Higgins
Short Fiction: “Maya’s World” by Tristan Davenport 03:40

Aural Delights No 148 Lucius Shephard plus Ursula K. Le Guin
Main Fiction: “Carlos Manson Lives” by Lucius Shepard 01:03:00

Aural Delights No 137 Nicola Griffith
Main Fiction: “It Takes Two” by Nicola Griffith 12:25

Aural Delights No 119 John W Campbell Jr vs Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Main Fiction: “Knotwork” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman 01:12:00

Aural Delights 106 Tad Williams
Short Story: “Charles” by Steve Rasnic Tem 05:00