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Cover Reveal: The Two Doctors Górski by Isaac Fellman

Cover Reveal: The Two Doctors Górski by Isaac Fellman

I am super excited about this book. Isaac Fellman’s prose is dizzying in its beauty, and I feel so lucky to have worked on this project with him. Keep an eye on Isaac; I think his literary future is very bright indeed. The Two Doctors Górski will be available this fall.

From Tordotcom:

COVER REVEAL for The Two Doctors Górski by Isaac Fellman, a contemporary literary fantasy novella of the grueling nature of magical graduate school academia.
Annae, a brilliant graduate student in psychiatric magic and survivor of academic abuse, can’t stop reading people’s minds. This is how she protects herself, using her abilities to give her colleagues what they want out of their relationships with her.
When Annae moves to the UK to rebuild her life and finds herself studying under the infamous, misanthropic magician Marec Górski, she sees, inside his head, a dangerous path to her redemption. Annae now faces two choices—follow in Dr. Górski’s lead, or break free of a lifetime of conditioning to forge her own path.
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Fantasy Magazine #77, March 2022

Fantasy Magazine #77, March 2022

The March issue of Fantasy Magazine is live!


  • I Have Reached Into the Quantum Basket
    by Marie H. Lewis (available on 3/1)
  • Christopher Mills, Return to Sender
    by Isabel J. Kim (available on 3/8)
  • Collecting Ynes
    by Lisa M. Bradley (available on 3/15)
  • The Dybbuk Ward
    by Gabrielle Harbowy (available on 3/22)


  • Editorial: March 2022
    by Christie Yant and Arley Sorg (available on 3/1)
  • Interview: Rebecca Roanhorse
    by Arley Sorg (available on 3/22)

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