The Year In Yant, or What I Published in 2012

The Year In Yant, or What I Published in 2012

Hello! 2012 is almost over and it’s time to look back on the year and reflect on the smargle blotchits num goliator ag mehew.

Right. Not feeling too reflective right now, really. That will probably come later.

This year I published six stories, which is three times as many as I’d published in my only other year of having things published at all. I feel good about that. Four of them are fantasy and two are science fiction. I was paid actual money for them, which was a thrill, and as near as I can tell all of them are eligible to be nominated in Short Story categories of the major awards of our field (though the two SF ones of course shouldn’t be considered for the World Fantasy Award). If you would like to read any of them–or in a couple of cases, listen to them–they are:

The Three Feats of Agani” – Fantasy, 4900 words. Appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, July 2012.
Also available as a podcast at Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

Transfer of Ownership” – Science Fiction, 1900 words. Appeared in Armored, published by Baen, February 2012.
Also available as a podcast from the Drabblecast.

My Mother’s Body” – Science Fiction, 1200 words. Appeared in Daily Science Fiction, October 2012.

This Rough Magic” – Fantasy, 1250 words. Appeared in Daily Science Fiction, April 2012.

“Office Demons” – Fantasy, 5000 words. Appeared in Stupefying Stories, November 2012.

Temperance” – Fantasy/Science Fiction (time travel, you choose) 4400 words. Appeared in Fireside Magazine, 2012.

I’ll get back to the reflecting on things after I get this infernal novel synopsis done, and these files copied for work, and any number of other things that need attending to.

Meanwhile I thank you for your support and friendship, camaraderie and cheer–I hope you’ve had a happy and safe holiday season, and I wish you all good things in the coming new year.

Peace out.

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  1. Congratulations! Looks like a good second year of being published. Thanks for the list. I missed a couple of these, so I need to go back and read them.

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