ARMORED release!

ARMORED release!

ARMORED has been released!


ARMORED, the latest anthology from editor John Joseph Adams, was released yesterday–574 pages of mechs and power-armored goodness! You can read a few sample stories online by Ian Douglas, Tobias Buckell and David Klecha, and, well, me. Next week you’ll also be able to read Karin Lowachee’s story when it’s featured on Lightspeed.

And be sure to check out the author interviews on John’s site, including this one from my friend Wendy Wagner, who teamed up with her brother Jak Wagner on their awesome story “The Poacher.”

I’m really happy to be included in this book. Those who know me well know that writing science fiction is new for me. I blame the two years I spent working for Lightspeed for this new direction!

ARMORED should be available just about everywhere, unless you’re looking for the ebook, in which case it can be purchased directly from Baen.

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