A good life

A good life

It’s been a month since I last posted, and I guess that means I’ve been busy. I have been. Happily, it means I’ve been busy writing, and while I’m not quite achieving a new story every week I’m actually not too far off. I’ve written and submitted “My Mother’s Body,” which was both very easy and very difficult to write. I’m pretty close to finishing “Aveline,” thanks to a productive round of folding laundry and talking to myself until it made sense. I have “Sacred Spaces” outlined and just waiting for me to write it. And three more solid ideas waiting for outlines.

We’ve also been busy mulling over whether or not to buy this house we’ve had our eye on for several months. It is quite honestly our dream house, despite (or perhaps because of) its many quirks, quirks which have made it unattractive to other buyers. But we are writers, and we value eccentricity. So we’re going to try. There’s no guarantee that the sellers will accept the offer, or that the house will get through inspection without identifying twelve more things that need to be fixed, but we’re going to just roll the dice and see what happens.

John has been busy launching a book, attending a convention, being on the radio, and soon guesting at NYRSF. I miss him, but it’s allowed me to do some serious writing and tidying and reading and thinking. I’ve bought three more books for research on the novel, and hope to find time to read them soon.

So: all is well. Stories are being written. I’ve sold a couple of things, too–my updated list of what’s coming out so far this year can be found here.

Tomorrow there’s more editing and some other tasks I’ve been putting off because the writing was going so well. Right now I’m waiting for my friend Caitlin to arrive with Thai food and wine–not sure how I rated Thai food, wine, AND her company, but I’ll take it!

It’s a good life. Hope yours is, too.

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  1. This is a fun goal. I’ve been doing a story a week for a year or so, and taking part in the Write 1 Sub 1 challenge. Result= a lot of stories.

    And a new house and a novel?

    You’re a busy woman.
    Nice work, Christine.

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