Week 1

Week 1

So, how am I doing on those lofty goals so far? Well…

The good news is that I wrote 5,512 words over the course of six days. The bad news is that’s not even close to what I was shooting for.

4000 of those were on the novel, which felt pretty substantial. The rest were on that Story-a-Week project, in which I wanted to have a story drafted each week in January.

I’m not off to a good start on that. I actually ended up starting three stories–the first was just going absolutely nowhere, so I ditched it. The second one I think is viable, but I need to think it through some more. Had I started it on Monday or Tuesday I probably could have finished it, but I just started it yesterday and it needs time to steep. The third one–which I started today–initially seemed the most promising in terms of language and structure, but I hit a wall in the middle and everything I’m coming up with now is cliche. I’m going to tuck numbers 2 and 3 away and see if I can finish them in weeks 3 and 4.

Week 2 begins tomorrow, and with it the first draft of my story for Fireside, which I’ve been brainstorming for a couple of weeks now. I have two Tuckerizations to do, as rewards for Kickstarter supporters–meaning I have to name a character after each of the people who paid for the Tuckerization reward. Strangely this actually helped me to shape the story, as they both have great names and the story is set in the real-world U.S.

That’s going to take most of my mental energy, I think, so I’m sure that the novel is going to languish for the rest of January. I might set the bar lower, like 250 a day or something, just so that I keep making progress and don’t lose the thread of it.

Oh, and so far, working on the novel and short stories simultaneously doesn’t seem to be a problem. I can’t detect any bleed-through, and it’s actually been nice when I run out of steam on one project to switch to the other.

In other news, I sold a story yesterday to Shimmer, which made my day. I’m told that it will be out in the summer issue. This was a particularly victorious sale because there’s a story behind the story–but I think I’ll save that for when it’s published.

Bring on Week 2!

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  1. Congrats on the sale!

    For me, the real value in writing a story per week comes from the experience rather than the output. You’re really lucky if you can write a coherent story per week, let alone a coherent, good story. ;)

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