“…and then what happened?”

“…and then what happened?”

Fireside Magazine

Well, we hope that Fireside Magazine will happen.

Fireside Magazine is the brain child of Brian White, a copy editor, self-described “word nerd,” and avid reader of short fiction. Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s anthology Stories, Brian wanted a regular periodical that crossed genres and just made you want to turn the page. So, being the intrepid gentleman that he is, he decided to make one. Here, I’ll let him tell you what it’s all about:

My favorite thing about the boy scouts was camping, and the best thing about that was the nights we’d gather around a bonfire, impossibly big in the eyes of a scrawny 11-year-old city boy. We’d get settled, aching happily from a moonlit game of capture-the-flag, and then the scout master would tell the story. … I wanted to publish something that crossed genres, be it sci-fi, horror, fantasy, crime, mystery, or wherever else I could find good stories, like the ones I used to hear sitting around those fires.

The first issue–if it’s funded–will include four short stories and one comic. The short fiction line-up includes Tobias Buckell, Chuck Wendig, Ken Liu, and, well, me (zomg did I really just get to type that?). The comic will be crafted by the creative team of D.J. Kirkbride and Adam P. Knave. Cover art will be provided by the fabulous Amy Houser.

For now the issues will each be funded by Kickstarter campaigns, with the hope that eventually one issue will pay for the next. Fireside will be available as both a print magazine and an ebook. Right now there are plenty of rewards available for supporters of the campaign, including autographed copies of the print edition, Tuckerization (your name in one of our stories), and original art by Amy.

For readers, Fireside promises to be a genre-crossing dose of good reading. For writers and artists, Brian wants to pay creatives a good wage. If he succeeds, I think we all win. He could use your help.

You can pledge your donation and choose your reward at the Kickstarter site.

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