Yeah, so…

Yeah, so…

…it’s been a month since I posted. Again. Sorry. There’s been a lot going on. LET’S RECAP, shall we?

My friends started up a group blog aimed at early-career writers. We’re posting on Tuesdays and Fridays, (I think–I’m not the organized one in the group, that’s for damn sure) and taking it in turn. I’m lucky to be part of such a talented, energetic, and encouraging group of people.

The Way of the Wizard site launched. My story and an interview are both available to read free at the site.

World Fantasy Convention has come and gone. It was amazing, in so many ways–John wrangled my family and friends and conspired to throw me a surprise birthday dinner almost immediately after we arrived in Columbus, which was epic. Again, so very grateful to be associated with such kind, creative people. (Thanks to John Remy for taking pictures! I have no presence of mind in those situations.)

I would totally name all of the awesome people I got to see, meet, and hang out with at WFC, but I know I would miss someone hugely important and then I would feel terrible and end up updating this post a hundred times, and nobody wants that.

After a weekend of fellowship, literature, gourmet icecream and way too many of some kind of raspberry-lemon cocktail, I returned to the day job and the sense of total loserdom, having been exposed to so many brilliant and successful writers. That slump lasted most of the week. It ended (briefly, I’m sure) this morning, when I sold another story.

I KNOW. I couldn’t believe it either.

So my story “The Gift” will appear next month in Crossed Genres, which is now edited by the lovely Jaym Gates.

National Novel Writing Month is underway, and I’ve been half-heartedly trying to participate. I’m about 7000 words behind right now, but who knows–with the holiday weekend I might be able to turn it around. Tomorrow is Research Day (which will include the library, chocolate, and possibly sushi. FOR MY ART.)

So that’s the oh-so-tough life of this writer these past few weeks. Enough with the updatery–there’s work to be done.

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