brb having adventure

brb having adventure

(xkcd #308)

I am about to embark on an Epic Adventure, to visit a friend I haven’t seen in six months in a place I’ve never been before. It is actually spectacularly rash and insensible of me, which is precisely why I think it’s a really good idea.

Naturally I’ve fussed and obsessed over details, from getting the house and pets taken care of (yay house-sitting family members! thanks Dave) to making sure everything I need will fit in my bags (yes, I DID do two Packing Practice Runs, why do you ask?) Performed some foot-wear checks (must be able to spend a day at the zoo AND outrun zombies.) Got my Starbucks Via to take into caffeine-free territory. And don’t even get me started on what went into wardrobe selection. But all of this neurosis serves a good purpose: now I don’t have to worry about anything at all while I’m gone.

It’s a heavy agenda comprised of equal parts NYC tourism and hard core at-home slacking. Given that I work in one form or another 10-16 hours a day now, just getting to watch a DVD without guilt is a big deal. I’m looking forward to that as much as I am to seeing Central Park, or going to what should be a pretty righteous metal concert.

And since we scheduled the trip around the date that submissions closed, I won’t even have a reason to be online! That likely won’t stop me (the netbook is coming with me–I’m hoping to write on the plane) but if I wanted to I could spend the whole six days unplugged without serious repercussions.

So I’m out of here for a bit. Off to spend some dedicated time with a truly magnificent human, see the sights, decompress, recharge the creative batteries, and do some serious slacking in the form of Rock Band, movies, and t.v. viewing.

Off to have an adventure.

(Thanks to John Remy for reminding me of that xkcd a few weeks ago. It’s perfect for the occasion.)

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  1. NY? Righteous Metal? Wow I didn’t know any of this you’re gonna have the best time ever!! And then your sisters will come see you like a week later! OMG does the excitement never cease?

    ps the packing neuroses sound just like me! and ma!

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