Stretching, & other people’s Awesome

Stretching, & other people’s Awesome

So sometimes it’s good to stretch.

Things have normalized since the beginning of the month. Right now I’m neck-deep in reading, which is fantastic. (Note: if you haven’t heard, Lightspeed will be closed to submissions for a little while starting April 15, so if you haven’t submitted yet, get it in!) Podterning proceeds apace. I also am pretty pleased with the way the new story is coming along. I wish I could spend more time with it, but the time I do spend is quality time.

But it’s time to stretch a little. John at Mind on Fire is doing a week-long collaborative art project, where he’s introducing the randomizer of a daily Tarot card to inspire…whatever. At first I said “I don’t have time” and then he gently reminded me that the scope could be anything from a tweet or a doodle to something more elaborate. Out of excuses! Okay, I’ll do it. Stop on by John’s blog and join us. The tone of my own blog will change a little bit for the next week as I post whatever it is that I come up with to make from John’s prompts.

Fond acquaintance Jeremiah Tolbert (writer, blogger, photographer, web designer, and all-around Jack of Arts) has launched a new project called Make Awesome Sauce, a collaborative home for all things Awesome. I think he’s about to open up membership to the public. Be sure to read the Manifesto. I absolutely love that he made being nice a requirement. You can follow the project on Twitter @makeawsauce.

Hm, what else?

Oh, I didn’t get into Clarion, but my friend Adam Israel did! Completely stoked for him.

Lastly, another stretch: I have a Weekend Away planned with my friend Michelle, who I have barely talked to since we both started working from home. We’re going to San Francisco, which I’ve only done once 13 years ago and I don’t remember much about it. I keep panicking about the things that won’t get done while I’m away for three whole days (oh yes, I AM taking the netbook, why do you ask?) But then I remind myself that a writer needs to get out and actually see and experience the world from time to time. When I justify it that way, the panic subsides. A little.

Have I always been this neurotic?

2 thoughts on “Stretching, & other people’s Awesome

  1. Thanks for the shout out. I hope this serves as a fun and non-stressful exercise and maybe even a wellspring for us all.

    As I read through this post and think of everything you’re involved in and how much you’ve spurred my own creativity and helped others along, I realize that you’re an awesome magnet.

    Well, maybe not a magnet. If the universe we live in is made of curved Awesome, you’re an awesome-gravity-well, already having accumulated a lot of it, and then attracting more awesome to you. You have the galactic center and the awesome clusters you revolve around, and some of us are little satellites that revolve around you. :)

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