I swear. Pixie dust. For real.

I swear. Pixie dust. For real.

It is January 5, a mere five days into 2010, and last night I had to put together a Book of Win to record all of the Awesome that is happening in my life right now.

In addition to the Podtern gig*, I also picked up a Slusher** gig yesterday. I think you could hear me squee as far away as Oregon.

I really wasn’t expecting to add anything to the Book of Win today – I mean, who’s that lucky? And then I got an email from Tony C. Smith, Sofa Commander, with a request for a narration. I cannot tell you good people how excited I am about reading this story. I mean, this is just… holy crow, it is going to be SO fun to read. I can’t wait for the weekend so I can dive into this.

Even the day job didn’t suck today.

As I asked on Twitter yesterday… what should I wish for next?***

* Just WAIT until you hear Episode 2. It’s even better than Ep. 1. The interview is AMAZING.

** For the uninitiated, this means that I read unsolicited submissions (the “slush”) for a periodical publication and pass on the things I think Most High Editor might like. It is wonderful experience for an aspiring writer, and another opportunity to support an awesome project.

*** Bearing in mind the Monkey’s Paw**** Rule: any immodest wish will backfire in the more horrifying possible manner. The trick is to keep ’em within reach.

**** This was the first horror story I ever read.

***** Just kidding. I just liked the twinkly effect of the asterisks.

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