mai full dans card. let me show u it.

mai full dans card. let me show u it.

Wow. So, as I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’ve got a lot going on. Still, or again.

Starship Sofa sure does like their 7000-word stories. It works out to be about 40 minutes of finished recording, which takes roughly three times that to actually record, now that I kind of know what I’m doing. I have to get comfortable with the material, though, and that takes a few read-throughs – I don’t know if everyone else on the podcast is reading cold or what, but I’m not comfortable doing that. That first disastrous effort (which turned out all right in the end) took many, many readings before I felt like I could do it worth a damn. I owe it to the author to read it well (though I’m sure I’m not reading it the way they had it in their head,) and I owe it to the Sofa.

The SFWA stuff is such a good education, especially as a run-up to World Fantasy in October. I have realized how woefully under-read I am in the field; a couple of years ago I decided I was going to read every Nebula-winning novel there was, but I haven’t followed up on it. I still think it’s a good goal, though. (Hm and certainly worth a series of blog posts if I ever get to it!)

It’s really the exact same set up I had going a month and a half ago – a lot of commitments, plus my own stuff. It can look like a giant pile of OMG How Am I Going to Get This Done, but really it’s giant pile of Awesome Payoff That Just Needs A Little Attention.

Two rejections came in over the past two days – one personal and complimentary, and one form. Both stories are already sitting in new slush piles, as they should be.

And then there are all of these drafts sitting around waiting for some love, some red ink, and someone to reject them. They call. I must heed.

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