Well that was weird.

Well that was weird.

Working hard. It feels good.

I spent Friday in a Starbucks working over an old story, trying to get it done and out the door. After five and a half hours it still wasn’t there, and two days later it still isn’t. I’m not giving up on it, it’s just not as close as I thought it was.

My goal today was to just finish the draft. As a sort of ramp-up to productivity today I went through some inactive folders, where I keep ideas that aren’t yet ripe and drafts that petered out. I stumbled across a folder that I didn’t even recognize. I opened it up and read what was there, and was surprised to find that it was complete.

I don’t even remember writing it, but it was written in October 2006 and is about death, which was a germane subject at the time. It even kind of makes sense that I don’t remember it.

But it was sitting there, done, all this time. It just needed a little bit of tweaking, a lot of formatting, and a destination. So instead of finishing the Slog Through Draftdom I edited and submitted a story. That’s two in as many weeks, exactly what I wanted, just not the way I had intended for it to go down.

I noticed yesterday that Forward Motion has a Facebook group now, which I joined, and then I dropped in to say hi to the folks in chat for the first time in a while. I need to get more active with them again; I need more writers in my life.

Anyway. Life is good. Productivity is good. Having lots of things submitted is good.

(Selling one of them would be better.)

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