Something about getting off my ass, and a proper toast

Something about getting off my ass, and a proper toast

When last we heard from Christie, she was bemoaning the fact that she hadn't finished anything in 2008…

… so to get 2009 started right, she went and made some stuff.   You can see it here, and here.

It felt good.  Started and finished both projects on Saturday.  They're little, and they're not writing, but they are complete.  Got some other things done, too, like cleaning the office and making it a place I could actually do some work in again.  I have plans for it for later in the year, but for now at least I can sit in my chair and access my tablet.

Today I revisited, which I liked enough to actually subscribe to a while back.  Everything had been glowing red at me in there for months, and every morning I would delete the latest "You have a task overdue!" reminder email in my inbox.  Today I cleared out the things that I had abandoned, or — totally despite myself and almost accidentally — completed.  I changed the dates on the things that were left, and then took the plunge and added a couple of new goals.

I like the way Lifetick operates — it uses a Core Values system at the macro level, to help the user decide if this is something that they really need to be doing.  'What Core Value does this goal support?' is the question that it makes sure you've asked yourself.  If it doesn't fit in with your core values, then why are you spending your valuable time doing it?*  After Core Values, you establish Goals within those categories, and then define the Tasks that will lead to the completion of the Goal.  When you complete one, you get a gold star. 

I have five Core Values set up: Family, Relationship, Security, Making Stuff, and Fun.  Anything I do should be in service to one of those. Writing falls into the Making Stuff category.

Today I also added a little bit to a Christmas story I started a week ago.  You may notice a theme to the Stuff I'm Making right now — it's all just a little bit out of date. I've been off by a week or two since Thanksgiving, I think.  My boyfriend got his last present just last night. Merry Christmas!**

Incremental progress. 

I have a good feeling about this year.  I feel like last year was spent seeking equilibrium – pretty much right up to the last possible minute, at which time I unexpectedly found it.

So, I've done my reflecting, and my planning, and my goal setting. All that's left to do is ring in the New Year properly, and I'll finally have caught up with the calendar. Go find a glass of something pleasant.  I'll wait.

Ahem.  Glasses, up!

Full of laughter and tears,
disappointment and cheer,
the year has come to an end —
We'll take on another
and buoy each other,
family, lovers, and friends.

Happy New Year, everyone.

* This is a concept I was first introduced to in Smart Couples Finish Rich.  The idea in that system is: if it doesn't fit in with your Core Values, why are you spending money on it?

** No, I haven't changed my tune… we celebrated Solstice with the kids and had a nice time, but I do still celebrate Christmas with family and friends that consider it to be the central winter holiday. Hell, I even went to Mass this year.  I mean, it's winter: it's dark, it's cold, and who doesn't need some twinkling lights, festive gifts, songs nearly everyone knows, general good will and a reason to celebrate?  I'd celebrate Squidmas if it meant there was food and camaraderie. My boyfriend prefers the all-inclusive "Giftmas," which I may start using myself.

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