I Should Be Writing

I Should Be Writing

If you haven't heard the podcast I Should Be Writing: A Podcast For Wanna-be Writers, by a Wanna-Be writer, you are missing out.

Mur Lafferty has been podcasting forEVAR in interweb years.  In ISBW she covers all manner of subjects of interest to we Wannabes: confidence, motivation, technique, process, and her latest area of expertise, small press publishing (congratulations, Mur!  Her novel is due out from Swarm Press on August 25.) 

There are 95 episodes of I Should Be Writing available for your listening enjoyment, including interviews with the likes of Christopher Moore,  John Scalzi, and Mercedes Lackey

Mur is charming, funny, and talks about what those of us still learning need to hear, (I'm not sure who that doesn't apply to.)  She is also eminently stalkable via Twitter.   Check her out. 

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