Mind games

Mind games

I'm back to working on the ramp-up to productivity.  Yesterday's goal was 250 words, today's was 300.  I met them both.  Tomorrow will be 350, etc.  until I reach the 1k mark, because that's where I should be.  When I'm on my game, when my brain is flexible enough, when I do the problem-solving during the day away from the keys so that when I sit down I'm just on the task of writing, it's only an hour or two of work. 

I'm using the techniques that have worked for me in the past: the sound track, the word count goal, intermittent free-writing (which is really just a way to talk to myself without annoying the family.)

I think I can get this one done in fewer than 3k words, which will be a record for me.  It's just topped 1k today, and I don't think I have very far to go.  This is good.  Even if I kept at 250 words a day, I should still have finished the first draft in a week. 

These are the games that I play with myself.  The carrot is being able to call something 'done.' 

We're going to go see Iron Man today, and I can now do so with a clear conscience.  I think I'm going to go clean up my half of the office a bit right now — I've been working in the t.v. room, and that's not always going to work.  (For instance, even with headphones on the theme to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cut right through, and that is not particularly conducive to writing dark fantasy.)  Besides, we have an office now.  I think in the little house I got so accustomed to not having my own space that now that I finally do, it's uncomfortable to use it. 

Stupid brain.  But it made words today, so it gets a cookie. 

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