See, this is what I mean by 'validation'

See, this is what I mean by 'validation'

Over at SFNovelists, another excellent post, this time from Tate Hallaway.

I'm like this, too.  I do have a lot of ideas piled up, but they're ideas that are piling up in the same way that stuff accumulates in a linen closet — it's not that I'm constantly having ideas, it's that I have them rarely and stick them in my mental closet until I can figure out what to do with them.  Thus we get stories that I've been working on for four years. 

I actually stopped writing down a lot of the ideas I have.  I used to write them down on whatever was handy when they struck, and then added them to a file when I could.  But when I'd then review the file later very few of the ideas were interesting to me anymore.  So now it's only the ones that stick, the ones that work their way into my brain like a splinter.  Very few new stories get started, but the ones that do are important to me. 

Part of that may be a sort of a literary dystrophy just from being out of shape.  It does seem that back when I was writing nightly I didn't have the same problem. 

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