Part of a nutritious breakfast

Part of a nutritious breakfast

It is really unbelievable to me how easy this is proving to be.  

I'm sure I'll be eating those words shortly, but for now they are true, and they feel good.  I just knocked out 535 words in less time than 400 took me last night, which I produced in less time than the previous 300, etc.  

Beyond which, I'm one tiny denouement away from being done with 'Office Demons,' which is a story I started a year and a half ago, and it's high goddamn time.  I believe that denouement to be something less than 600 words, which means that this story will be done tomorrow night.

I've already started going through my backlog to see what I should work on next.  There are two possibilities that leap to mind.  

I did a quick word count earlier and had to laugh at myself.  I thought I was only 150 or so into tonight's assignment.  Instead I'd already written 400.  Why did I ever stop?  Why did I let myself get so out of shape?  I could have come so far, if only I didn't keep having these periods of giving up, of terminal distraction.

Well, that was then, and lesson learned (maybe.)  But for now… tonight was easy.  :)

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