Nothing worth doing

Nothing worth doing

Not a lot to say tonight, but wanted to document the fact that I made my goal of 200+ words, (207 to be precise.)  Tomorrow will be 300.  Patrick is committed to kicking my ass and keeping me on task. 

Stopped in at Forward Motion for the first time in a while.  I realized recently that it's been five years since I first found them.  My kindergartner was just a baby.  Seems like a lot of the same people are still there.  All good folks, many of them also gearing up for NaNo.  It will be good to write in company again.  

Across the room Patrick is working on a blog entry of his own.  Earlier we sat in what I call the Pointy Diner and ate grilled ham and cheese sandwiches that weren't on the menu and made notes on a functional art project we're collaborating on.  Then we went to Home Depot to do some materials assessment.  I used to call him every time I set foot in Home Depot.  I couldn't even tell you why, really, except that it seemed appropriate to do so.  

Life is beginning to shape up into something I recognize as being the one I've always wanted.  It's not easy, but I don't value 'easy' as much as I once did.  Relationships of any kind are not easy.  Making ends meet is not easy.  Producing a damn good Vernesque undersea patina on an Ikea lamp is far from easy.  Writing a novel is, in fact, a real bitch.  

But they say nothing worth doing is easy.  

I think it's time to curl up with my boyfriend and a glass of wine and watch Heroes now.  

Okay.  So I was wrong.  That will be very easy indeed, and worth a great deal. 

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