Disiplin. I has it.

Disiplin. I has it.

 This seems to be working.

Just finished 316 new words and rearranged some of what I'd already written.  

Credit where credit is due:  my magnificent boyfriend-slash-writer-wrangler (also a writer himself) prompted me to get my words done.  

I was rereading my late-summer entries today.  I have clearly abandoned that whole early-riser thing.  I'd like to get back to it, but that's going to take another kind of discipline and I think I'm only up for creating one new habit at a time.  Right now I have to focus on getting the mind and fingers limber.  

In Forward Motion tonight they were doing an Outline War.  This will be the first NaNoWriMo I've done without one in some form.  All I've got are some names, two locations, and five situations that all have to come together somehow.  I have a few days yet, I may get more notes down before the grind begins, but then maybe it wouldn't kill me to just wing it for once.  NaNo is about experimentation and freedom from the fear of writing crap.  It's about the sheer joy of just producing, about making “big, messy art,” as Chris Baty put it.  

I kind of feel like my life has been big, messy performance art for the past year-plus.  Might be fun to see how that translates to the page.  

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