Preemptive NaNoPanic

Preemptive NaNoPanic

Okay, that's MUCH too long between posts.  Sorry about that.

Lots going on, but if we're to remain focused, basically I'm staying up too late, not getting up early enough, and getting no writing done.  The brain, such as it is, is whirring away on other things and can't seem to give my characters the attention they need.

The subject of NaNoWriMo came up in conversation the other day, which panicked me ever so slightly.  Generally by August I like to know what novel I'll be writing, and right now I absolutely do not.  I have three possibilities: the one I failed to write last year, one that's been kicking around in my head for about two years, or one I thought of last week.  I need to nail this down by September, and by October I need to have decided whether I'll be acting as Municipal Liason.  Last year I bombed out as ML in a really big way.  If I take it on this year, I want to do it right.  As in all things, go big, or don't go.

This year has the potential to be very interesting indeed, because there will be three NaNovelists living under one roof.  Instant Write-In, just add tea!  

In other news:

My friend Mike V. is making a career for himself out of really bad first sentences.  He won the Worst First Sentence contest at SBWC this year, (and trust me, it was terrible,) and now has gone on to greater fame by having a truly awful first sentence published in the Los Angeles Times.  Scroll down to “For Your Reading Displeasure.”  (Visit for help if you don't want to register.)

Fleet got some truly excellent press on the Dog Lover's Wine Club this week.  Brink of fame and fortune, I'm telling you.  

And lastly, two things that cracked me the hell up this week:  Biologists Helping Bookstores, and the LOLPhilosophers Flickr pool. 

Peace out, yo.

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