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Month: December 2018

2019 Daily Word Count Tracker is ready!

2019 Daily Word Count Tracker is ready!

You guys were on top of it this year! There were four people in the workbook already when I went to finish updating it today. :) You can find the 2019 Word Count Tracker here:

Tools for Writers (with Word Count Tracker, Career Bingo, and more)

No changes or additions this time around, except that I’m now maintaining a single workbook year to year instead of creating a new one.

I find it so gratifying that so many people have found the workbook useful! To answer a question I get every year (Fran, I’m looking at you): No, I don’t have a Ko-Fi or tip jar or anything. I really appreciate the thought, but it’s enough that you’re using it and it’s (hopefully) helping you stay motivated.

Here’s to a productive New Year!