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Month: May 2014

Women Destroy Science Fiction! – T minus 11 hours

Women Destroy Science Fiction! – T minus 11 hours

Tomorrow morning the limited edition ebook will go out to our Kickstarter backers and contributors.

WDSF! has dominated our lives here for nearly nine months–since the idea came up in September until today. We actually finalized the issue this afternoon–having added a bonus story at the last minute (which you can read about here). But now it’s done.

Thank you to (in no particular order): our backers, our authors, essayists, editors, slushers, illustrators, audio producers, voice actors, supporters, and providers of hugs and reassurance. This was an enormous project, but it felt like more than that–it felt like a movement, one that thousands of people participated in and continue to participate in. You are all amazing. I am so grateful to you, and so humbled by your trust and support. Again, thank you.

Destructively yours,


WDSF cover by Galen Dara
Cover of Women Destroy Science Fiction! June special issue of Lightspeed. Cover art by Galen Dara