In which I am interviewed by

In which I am interviewed by

Women Destroy Science Fiction!

You may have heard about this wee project I’m working on–a special all-women double issue of Lightspeed called Women Destroy Science Fiction! We have a Kickstarter going, which funded in seven hours (thank you!). Now we’ve added stretch goals to include Women Destroy Horror! edited by Ellen Datlow, and Women Destroy Fantasy! edited by Cat Rambo.

This project has been so fun to work on, and the women I’m working with are all so amazingly talented.

Fran Wilde interviewed me about Women Destroy Science Fiction! for I gave them a sneak peek at two of our contributors–I’ll reveal more in days to come!

Check out the interview, consider backing the Kickstarter (we have 18 days to go), or take a look at my initial call to arms. The destruction of science fiction is imminent! Are you prepared?

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