The Drabblecast features “The Revelation of Morgan Stern”

The Drabblecast features “The Revelation of Morgan Stern”

Drabblecast #299 cover illustration by Jerel Dye
Cover illustration by Jerel Dye

When I met Norm Sherman at Worldcon he mentioned that he’d really enjoyed “The Revelation of Morgan Stern” in Shimmer #16, and asked if he could run it on one of his podcasts. Naturally, I said yes, and sent it over when I got home. I’ve been so busy lately that I didn’t even realize it had been released until yesterday!

Norm always does a great job, and this is no exception. (I love that he gave a nod to the Shimmer team for putting together such a great magazine.) And the art that accompanies it! Jerel Dye‘s illustration is wonderful.

Drabblecast #299: The Revelation of Morgan Stern

You can still buy the original Shimmer #16 in ebook form (the print edition sold out!). And if you’d like to read how the story came to be, I blogged it here.

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