Stupefying Stories 2.1 and post-Thanksgiving updates

Stupefying Stories 2.1

Stupefying Stories 2.1 is out and includes my story “Office Demons.” I am particularly happy to have this story out in the world as it’s vastly different from what I usually write. I hope that this one will make people smile. (When Wendy read it years ago, her first comment was “So, is this your first attempt at autobiography?”) :) I’m delighted to share the table of contents with so many friends and fantastic writers.

I think we can count Thanksgiving as a huge success–we managed to seat and feed fifteen people in our itty-bitty house, and everyone seemed to have a great time. I did my usual bacon-covered turkey, which fortunately slipped off the cutting board in the right direction (onto the counter instead of onto the floor). A high point of the day for me was that I finally got to meet my cousin’s boyfriend of four years, a singer and actor who not long ago was in Avenue Q in Santa Barbara, a fact which my kids and I completely geeked out over. I hope we made him feel welcome!

With the end of the year approaching I’m scrambling a bit to get these last few short stories out the door so that I have some inventory to circulate at the start of the year while I return my attention to the novel. And of course there’s all of this reading to catch up on, since Nebula nominations are open. I’ll put together a different post soon with my recommendations and what work of mine is eligible. (And yes, it feels incredibly weird to say that.)

I hope that your own holidays have been free of strife, and that your year is ending on a high note!

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