In which the carrying capacity of the camel is exceeded

In which the carrying capacity of the camel is exceeded

A few days ago, while still quite upset and angry, I wrote a longer post that detailed some of the grosser examples of cluelessness or malice that I’ve encountered over the past two-plus years regarding popular assumptions about John’s relationship to my writing. That draft didn’t make the cut–posting it would only make me feel worse, not better. But after several days I still feel I need to address it.

I’ll be brief:

John does not edit my work.

Assumptions, assertions, and anecdotes to the contrary are–whether willfully or not–hurtful, insulting, and factually incorrect.

I have spent more than a decade–thousands of hours–working my ass off to learn my craft. When people try to take that from me by crediting my few successes or the quality of my work to my husband, I get upset. And so does he.

*Yes, of course, he edited the two stories that he bought, because he was the editor of the publications in question. For a list of all of my editors, see my bibliography.

5 thoughts on “In which the carrying capacity of the camel is exceeded

  1. I’ve seen Christie’s writing in a John-less environment and it’s damn good. Anyone who doesn’t believe me can meet at the bike rack after school.

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of critiquing Christie’s work and seen first hand how much effort she puts into her craft. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool and I take issue with fools.

  3. The man runs 3 magazines and produces more than an anthology a year. Pretty sure when he’s off the clock, he’s got better things to do with Christie than edit her work. ;)

  4. Maybe these people are grasping for some reason why your stories are getting published and theirs are not. It will never occur to them that it could have something to do with the fact that they spend more time concocting conspiracy theories than writing. Nah. It’s all who you know. Or their stuff is too edgy for the politically correct editors. Or it’s too original.

    Some people are just dicks.

    You’re a damn good writer. Getting published is what happens to damn good writers if they keep going. That’s all there is to it.

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