How many things make a post? Five. We’ll call it five.

  • I have a new post up at Inkpunks on my recent experience dragging my sad ass out of the creative doldrums.
  • My story “My Mother’s Body” went out to Daily Science Fiction subscribers yesterday and apparently ruined everyone’s morning, though from what I understand, it was in a good way. It should be available on their website for non-subscribers next week.
  • Brian White posted an update today about Kickstarter Fatigue and his future plans for Fireside.
  • After quite a bit of soul-searching (related to that Inkpunks post) I have returned to Lightspeed as of the January 2013 issue. My tenses there sound like I’ve traveled through time but really that’s just the issue we’re working on right now. I missed you, Slush Pile! Let us be forever friends.
  • I can’t believe WFC is almost here! Or that I’m almost there. I have a passport and everything. Like a grownup.

Right now I’m just glad it’s Friday. This week felt long. Have a great weekend! :)