Pixie dust

Pixie dust

Sometimes life feels a little bit charmed.

This has been one of the toughest, most stressful summers of my adult life. There’s been bad stuff, there’s been good stuff, there’s been planned stuff that took a long time to come together and there’s been totally unexpected stuff that hit us broadside. But here we are at the end of the summer, and things are settling down a little.

We moved out of our large, dark rental into a much smaller and cuter home that is OURS. John has his own office, I have my own office, the kids have their own rooms painted to their specifications, and the gaming table fits perfectly in the dining room. We lost 600 square feet, a household-worth of Stuff we didn’t need, and gained a simple, cozy, beautiful home. The first meal we cooked here we got to share with a band of traveling friends who were passing through on Tuesday. It felt so good to sit everyone around that table and enjoy food and laughter with such kind people. The best kind of housewarming, even with the boxes still stacked against the walls and the bookshelves empty.

I changed jobs. I had worked for the same company for eight years–John and I had many despairing conversations over the past year about the lack of opportunities and how unhappy I was, how stuck I felt there. This new job pretty much fell into my lap, and with it came a significant salary increase and an organization that seems too good to be true. People love working here. I still get to work from home (in my beautiful green office!) The job itself entirely plays to my strengths, and I think I’m going to really enjoy doing it.

I haven’t been writing, because there’s just been too much to do in the evenings. That will change this weekend, when we’re finally done with the old house entirely. I still have a short story deadline, and I think that now that all of this transition is mostly done and I’m not occupied with worrying about dozens of things I’ll be able to finish it. I’ll get back to the novel in September, after Worldcon.

This weekend is our first wedding anniversary, and it feels absolutely right that we are here to celebrate it.

I feel really, really good. Unburdened. Like I’m where I should be. Like life is a little bit charmed.

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