Heading off to Worldcon shortly, which will likely be both fun and exhausting, as cons generally are. This will really be my first true Worldcon experience–last year I was very busy getting married and spending time with family as a result. Apart from the Hugos I didn’t really get to check it out at all, so I’m excited to see what this con is really about. My hip still hurts, though I’ve been icing it every night and that’s helped a lot, but the amount of walking involved in a convention is likely to aggravate it. If you see me limping/waddling, or sitting somewhere with Amy Sundberg and Jordan London packed in ice, you’ll know why.

I’m not doing any panels, but I can be found here:

Reading: John Joseph Adams
Fri Aug 31 1:30pm – Fri Aug 31 3:00pm – Haymarket
John Joseph Adams, Carrie Vaughn, Christie Yant
Readings from the magazines Nightmare and Lightspeed, and anthologies Armored and Epic, all edited by John Joseph Adams.

I’ll be reading my story “Transfer of Ownership” from Armored, and also Ken Liu’s story “The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species” from Lightspeed, as Ken is unable to make it. (I’ll do my best, Ken!)

Otherwise I’ll likely be connecting with various alumni groups (almost all of my Launchies and Diesel Bears are going, and of course scads of Codexians! Though the fact that I will be the only Inkpunk there saddens me).

Oh and speaking of Inkpunks, my girl Carrie is going to be competing in the Omegathon at PAX this weekend, because she is a total badass. You can check out her training montage here. Good luck, Carrie! Wish I could be there. <3

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