Highs and lows

Highs and lows

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Other Stuff on my Mind: Highs, lows, and starting over

SBWC student, 5th grader, & High School graduate

I am now the mother of a high school graduate and a fifth grader, and the sister of a Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference student. I am immensely proud of my daughters and my sister. Danni’s graduation and having Kate around were definitely the high points of the week. We packed a LOT of living into the past eight or nine days:

  • Danni had her awards banquet and as usual came out of it with a thousand Design Scout merit badges. She also set the record for the amount of time any student has spent in the studio.
  • Grace was in a parade. A long one. A REALLY long one. She toughed it out in flamenco shoes like a colorful, ruffled, dancing BOSS.
  • We all went to Paula‘s house for D&D and dragged Kate along (she didn’t seem to mind).
  • We went by the new house and discovered that it now has a kitchen floor!
  • Danni graduated on a bright, windy day, with the Air Force doing periodic fly-bys. Only one student disrobed. (It was not Danni.)
  • I had pho for the first time and now never want to eat anything else ever again.
  • I heard our sister Molly‘s new CD and was BLOWN AWAY. If you live in the Boulder area you MUST go see The Hits play.
  • Discovered that someone has escaped from Blake Charlton’s books and has been drinking Red Stripe.
  • We learned that Pineapple Wine is awesome, Coconut Wine less so.
  • Kate and I had dinner at the Enterprise Fish Company in Santa Barbara. If you have lived in Santa Barbara and have read So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish, you may know why this was important. (She decided not to have the salmon after all, but did have the universe’s most ubiquitous drink, the Gin and Tonic.)

The low points were mostly personal, and resulted in me sending frantic brain-storming emails to my besties asking for input, solace, advice, and just extra brains, which they all delivered. This once again proved to me that by some miracle I have managed to associate myself with the best kind of humans, and am deeply grateful for their friendship.

The low point we all shared, of course, was the loss of Ray Bradbury, which still feels personal, because what he meant to each of us is unique. I wanted to write something about it the day the news came out but I just couldn’t bring myself to. I still can’t, not in any meaningful way, except to say that I joined the rest of you in shedding tears for our collective loss and our individual ones.

So now it’s Saturday, and mostly quiet, and I’m trying to get back into my routine. I don’t know about you guys, but momentum is hard-won for me. I had some going there for a bit and was feeling good about things, and then Life, and I’m back at zero again. This is okay, and I’ll be able to build that momentum again this week, but it is a little frustrating. I wish I were someone who could not write for a week and then dive back in and hammer out 2000 words, but I’m not. I have to find my place again, get my head back in the world I created.

Off to do so.

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  1. I had the same problem you’re talking about in the last paragraph, trying to get back to the novel after spending a few weeks on the Mango. What I’m doing is rereading what I have so far and making changes that occur to me, just so I can feel the groove of the story and the characters again.

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