Today’s Words: 1,007
Found Objects total: 6,473
Fuel: 1 apple, chicken and sweet potatoes, carrots and hummus, channa masala with vegetables and a salad
Poisons: 3 cups of coffee, 1 cup of yerba mate, and the wine I didn’t actually drink the night before because by the time I was done posting John had gone to bed and thus so did I.
Exercise: 2 miles on the treadmill
Other Stuff on my Mind: Upward trends

While the word count tonight wasn’t exceptional, my brain was working overtime all day putting this story together. I got a lot of brainwork done, connecting dots, developing character, identifying themes. Going from 0 to 2500 words a night was probably not a realistic goal. But tonight was better than last night, and maybe tomorrow will be better than tonight.

Same sort of thing is happening elsewhere in my life, too. Funny thing happened this afternoon: I actually WANTED to go the gym. I’ve been slowly increasing the amount of exercise I get, first going for a walk twice a week with a coworker, and now adding in the treadmill at the gym on the other days. It gets just a little bit easier every day.

Yesterday I walked/jogged two miles in 38 minutes; today I did it in 35. Yesterday I wrote 650 words; today I wrote 1000. I like this trend.

One of my fellow students and I were talking over the weekend about meditation and how we both want to get back into it. I’ve had good experiences with it in the past, when I stick to a consistent practice. It went much like the other things I’m talking about have gone: initially I could hold my focus for only seconds at a time, then a minute or two. Over time I could mostly (still imperfectly) sustain my focus for a good ten minutes. It’s just practice. (And that kind of practice is very, very good for someone who is by nature easily distracted.) It’s another thing that I think I could do to increase my chances of success in meeting my writing goals.

Anyway, consistent practice. I like the results. Makes me wonder why I ever stop.

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