Spec fic Kickstarters need your help!

Spec fic Kickstarters need your help!

Today’s Words: 3,094, much of which was reuse from an earlier draft so it’s not as virtuous as it seems
Found Objects total: 9,567
Fuel: Prefab butternut squash ravioli with carrot puree, pumpkin seeds, cereal, spicy noodles with tofu.
Poisons: 3 cups of coffee, 1 glass of Curran Grenache Blanc.
Exercise: 2 miles on the treadmill
Other Stuff on my Mind: Oh my gosh I’m tired.

But before I put myself to bed with a book I’d like to point out some Kickstarters that could use your support.

The one ending soonest, and still far from its goal, is John’s new venture Nightmare Magazine. You know that thing he does with Lightspeed where he publishes amazing science fiction and fantasy that spans the spectrum of the field? He wants to do that with horror. This is the guy who brought you Living Dead, Living Dead 2, and By Blood We Live. Trust me, horror readers, you’re in good hands. The Kickstarter ends in two weeks!

Next we have Crossed Genres, who published my holiday story “The Gift” a couple of years ago, and who have now moved on to publishing books that need to exist. The one I’m most excited about is Winter Well, an anthology featuring female protagonists who aren’t all twenty years old and hawt. Because women continue to kick ass as they get older, often more so than they did when they were younger.

And just today Fireside launched it’s Kickstarter for Issue #2. I can’t believe how many incredible creators I personally know and adore in this issue! Galen Dara is doing the art, Kat Howard, Damien Grintalis, and Jake Kerr are writing stories–this is going to be a killer issue. I’m still so impressed at what Brian has put together.

Please contribute if you can! They’re all great projects and I’m looking forward to seeing them manifest.

And now: bed.

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