The thing about whining on the internet…

The thing about whining on the internet…

…is that it typically gets three kinds of responses:

1. Silent eye-rolling. Hey, I don’t blame you. It gets old.
2. Encouragement. My friends are awesome at this. It helps.
3. Identification. When people email or comment that they are right there with me and totally get it and are so glad they’re not alone.

Number 3 is the pay-off. That’s why I don’t keep my whining to myself when the Unhappy reaches a certain pitch.

Many thanks to everyone for the advice and encouragement. And for those who are in the depths of loserdom with me, let’s take this weekend to turn it around, and get some fiction written. It might be painful at first (who am I kidding, it will probably be painful) but we’ll get through it.

We’re writers, damn it.

Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “The thing about whining on the internet…

  1. Lord knows I’ve done my fair share of whining on the internet. More than, probably.

    I was questioning the impulse in myself the other day when I was having a bad day and I just wanted to tell the world. I would use the word “Validation” to describe #3.

    We all crave validation. We don’t want anyone to fix whatever we’re whinging about necessarily. Just want someone to validate it. Share it. Acknowledge that it’s a normal part of human existence.

    Basically? Shared pain is lessened pain.

  2. Totally, and it goes both ways–yes, my experience is being validated by others, but I’m also validating their experience as well. We get to make each other feel better and less alone.

    Long live the internet. :)

  3. I’ve declared this week to be, “Don’t bother me if I’m in the writing cave!” week. So painful….oh yeah!

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