Goals for the coming year

Goals for the coming year

Happy New Year! To me, anyway. I track my goals from birthday/WFC to birthday/WFC, so this post is really three weeks overdue.

I met a lot of my goals last year. Not all, but that’s okay, because there were some things that I accomplished that I would never have thought to dream up as a goal, like becoming Assistant Editor at Lightspeed. That, and of course my first sale, were certainly the career high points for me.

My goals last year were pretty ambitious–I had planned two novels, twelve stories, and any number of other things. Over the years much of this blog has been focused on figuring out how I work, and last year I think I finally got it. Here’s some of what I think I’ve learned:

  • It’s not about fast word count for me anymore. I do not produce quality work quickly. It takes me a really long time–usually months–to work out the kinks in a story and make sure that the world it’s set in is internally consistent. This is okay. When I take the time to do that, I can produce professional quality work. When I don’t, I collect rejections.
  • I keep trying to write novels based on ideas instead of on characters functioning in a world where I understand the rules, and I keep failing. I need to understand the people and place before I throw them into a story.
  • I love being a part of Lightspeed. I’m having to give up a lot of commitments lately, but Lightspeed won’t be one of them.

So with all of this in mind, my goals this year are not nearly as lofty as they were last year.

  • Submit one new short story per quarter. That means producing one from start to finish over a period of about six months. I currently have two short stories in progress, one of which might be done by the end of the year, the other probably in the middle of February.
  • Complete research, world-building and character development for the next novel, tentatively titled Temperance. I have a notebook and I’m not afraid to fill it. In fact, I’m not allowing myself to start writing the novel until that notebook is full. I’m giving myself three months to do that. I’ve been brainstorming, scouting locations, taking pictures, going to the library, doing a lot of research online, and I feel like I’m off to a good start.
  • Write the first draft of Temperance.
  • Apply to Taos Toolbox. Applications open in just a couple of weeks. The shift toward noveling and John’s suggestion made me consider Taos as possibly the best move for me right now, since they focus on novels. I might be aiming too high, and we’ll get a repeat of last year where I apply and am not accepted, but I’m going to try.
  • Make a first revision pass at Temperance (with luck, I’ll have workshopped it at Taos. Tentacles crossed.)
  • Keep up with Lightspeed, and help John with a couple of other projects he has lined up

I have to leave some room to write that collaborative novel I was talking about a couple of months ago; the timing hasn’t been right for my collaborator yet, so it’s on the back burner for now. I think these other things are loose enough that I can fit it in whenever their schedule frees up.

So that’s it. Four short stories, a novel, and some assorted minioning. I think that’s pretty attainable. A year seems like a long time, but the past year has flown by so quickly I fully expect that the next one will, too.

Hopefully I’ll look up this time next year and be as satisfied with my progress as I am at this moment. (Who am I kidding, though, right? There will soon be another angst-filled mopey post about what a loser I am. Seems to come with the territory.)

How are your goals coming?

5 thoughts on “Goals for the coming year

  1. You are never a loser–you are an inspiration. May all of your goals come to fruition this year!

  2. *ahem* I believe we’ve had this conversation…You rock, you deserve all the happy things, and you will rock even harder next year. I foresee these things.

    How are my goals coming? Well, as soon as Rigor became serious, I tossed all the goals out the window. I’ve learned that the universe has a much better handle on my potential than I do, so I’m just going to manage myself and meekly follow the blaring signs.

  3. Very inspirational – so much so that I think I’m going to go blog out my own goals, since I haven’t thought about that yet.

    I like what Jaym says, too – the universe knowing more than we do. That, combined with your goals are going to make, like you said to me earlier, 2011 your year!

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