Some day

Some day

I am suddenly doing a lot. Most of it is short-term, all of it is voluntary, and it’s all time-consuming. I’m doing some volunteer web-work (just data-monkey stuff, copy, paste, and reformat) while a Very Useful Organization moves their existing site to WordPress. I’ll write more about that after their new site goes live, (I don’t want to send people to the old one when the Shiny will be up soon!) Frankly it’s been a little bit thrilling to work with this Organization and this data, in ways that are hard to articulate.

I’m also taking the first steps toward getting involved with an existing podcast, which I will plug the hell out of once I’ve established whether I’ve got the gig or not. Right now it would feel like jinxing it to name it here.

Lastly I’ll be pitching a podcast idea to a Very Useful Organization that is actively considering doing one. This weekend I need to put together a proposal that demonstrates sufficient foresight and convince them that it’s doable and sustainable in the long-term. This is the one where I really need to keep my ego in check and not get my hopes up too high. It is possible that I could pitch it, and they could shoot it down (that happened a couple of months ago with a different organization.) Or they could proceed to do everything I suggest without me. No matter what, I need to go into this with a mind set of being of service to them, not to myself. Success is always more satisfying that way anyway.

Oh, and there’s that whole ‘writing’ thing.

There are not enough hours in the day, but it’s all good stuff. It’s all about branching out and connecting with people of a like mind; about being part of a community. It’s about not sitting on the outside looking in anymore, and thinking ’some day.’ Some day is here.

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