Outcome of Weekend of Productivity

Outcome of Weekend of Productivity

I set myself what was really a pretty impossible goal this weekend: 15,000 words in three days. The reason I can say with some assurance that it was pretty impossible is that I’ve only had one 5,000 word day in my life, and that was during NaNoWriMo of 2006, when I was already in the habit of writing a thousand words on a *bad* day. So to go from essentially 0 to 5k just because I said so was more than a bit of a reach.

Going from zero to 1,800 is nothing to sneeze at, though. That’s what I wrote on Friday evening. Yesterday I cleared 2,000. It was excruciating, and took me most of the day. Today I had a hell of a time trying to unstick a scene I’ve been stuck on, but I did, and the result was another 1200 words.

The purpose behind this exercise was just to do more than I have been doing, to get through the pain of decalcifying my brain so that I can start producing reasonable amounts of work on a regular basis.

I got what out of it what I wanted, even if my total product was only 1/3 of what I had originally aimed for. Progress, not perfection. I’m comfortable with that. Tomorrow life returns to normal, with a day job and an hour or two at night to try and eke out some fiction. It should be a little bit easier after this weekend’s effort. We’ll see.


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