In which our author thumbs her nose at obstacles

In which our author thumbs her nose at obstacles

Today’s list of five things includes a couple of surprises:

– Subscribed to Locus for the first time in years
– Booked a room for World Fantasy Convention in October

Locus and WFC were rash decisions. I just leapt without doing anything more than looking at the calendar and making sure I didn’t have anything on it for that weekend. I don’t usually do that sort of thing – big plans like that usually get deliberated over for weeks or months and then I talk myself out of them with a dozen reasons why I shouldn’t do it. I postpone it until next year, or the year after, or when the kids are out of the house. Well, fuck that. I might not be alive next year.

That’s where I’m at right now.

I felt like this in 2005 — like I was in the river, and the current was strong enough to get past anything that might stand in my way, I just had to allow myself to be carried by it. I feel a little like that again. All of the things I wanted to do then I can do now. And I am not at all interested in reasons why not.

In tangentially related news, I asked for a promotion today. My boss doesn’t see any reason I shouldn’t get it. Good thing – I have interests to fund. ;)

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