I remember this feeling…

I remember this feeling…

What is there to say about a week like this one except DAMN it feels good? In the past week, I…

– wrote 5000 words on the novel
– sent Habitat back out for submission with a new opening (and took it off the site in order to do that, sorry)
– finished and submitted Ill Angels (FINALLY)
– pitched a podcast idea (unfortunately to the wrong market – sadness – but I learned a lot just doing that much!)
– posted Sweetwater Kill here on the site

Getting Ill Angels off my back is a very big deal. That story has been eating at me for a very long time. I suspect it will need another round of revision after the first rejection, but for now it’s Somebody Else’s Problem (aka Slush.) And of course it means the others move up in the queue.

Every week should be like this one. And to some extent, every week can be.

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