Bouncing back, and new fiction heading your way

Bouncing back, and new fiction heading your way

I don’t know if you’re reading the same blogs I am, but the field is adapting faster than I ever dreamed it would or could. The traditional publishers are jumping on the e-book bandwagon, Amazon is now in the publishing business, the short fiction market is trying hard to rally and I think it may very well do so in a digital form.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll notice that I seem to have rallied a bit as well.

I’ve got a little confidence back. Part of that is reading through some of what I’ve done and thinking “hey that doesn’t suck nearly as badly as I thought it did.” Part of it is that I have enough information now that I feel like I have a pretty clear sense of the playing field. Some of the things that seemed obvious to me as goals once upon a time seem attainable once again. Out of the slough of input and processing of that input a simple truth became blindingly clear:

Getting payment, distribution, and readership is inherently better in every possible way than not getting those things.

So why would I not try?

I went back over my old blog posts to find out. I found it pretty easily. It really jumps right off the screen:

I gave up.

I was tired, and it had become too hard, and I gave up.

Sherry, a Twitter acquaintance and fellow writer, sent me a very thoughtful email after I posted that entry that gently and kindly said that she hoped I would change my mind. I have, largely.

Sherry, you are cordially invited to say “I told you so,” though I suspect that’s not your style.

Not entirely, though. I’m not going to stop putting stories up here, I’m just not going to throw in the towel and never try to sell them first.

So in the post that follows this one you’ll get a story I wrote a few years ago and sent out into the world to gather rejections. Most of them were very nice, personal rejections, but they were… not sales. I’m attached to this one, probably for all the wrong reasons. It’s an early effort and one of the first things I ever workshopped. I’m glad to finally give it a home. I hope you enjoy it.

(You can follow Sherry on Twitter at @Sherryk_US or read about her work at her site:

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