See how easy that was?

See how easy that was?

It's almost ready.  The site, I mean.  The one I've been talking about for six months.  It needs a couple more tweaks, but I think I'll be ready to announce the move this weekend.

Which means that once again, I'll be abandoning the LiveJournal blog.  I've moved my old posts over to the new WordPress blog on my own domain (to be announced!) and all future blog posts will happen over there.  There is more to this move than just the blog, but I'll talk more about that when it's ready.

Meanwhile, back to that Rule of Five.  Have I diligently done five things toward my writing goals every single day?  No, but I've done at least three on most days, and I'm moving forward.  I'm spending time on the website, time on writing, time on reading, time on critiquing.  I've been motivated to make use of any down time I have — I'm thinking through story problems and new ideas and writing them down every chance I get. 

One of the ways I'm managing to keep up with this is through the application of Anne Lamott's excellent advice: short assignments.  A couple of days ago I added 100 words to a short story.  You and I both know a hundred words is nothing — it's a paragraph.  I still count that as a win.  It was *something.*  I'm also making use of DailyLit, and this time I didn't oversubscribe! (It's so tempting to subscribe to everything that looks interesting.)  So five days a week I'm guaranteed to read some fiction — and *that* counts as a win. Securing a beta-reader for Ill Angels, which I think will finally be readable shortly, counts.  Doing anything at all on the website counts as a win — fixing the template, adding content, making a graphic, doing other… things, which I will tell you about this weekend.  They all count.

Scrawling — by unskilled, unpracticed, messy ball-point hand — the first few sentences of a new draft of Chapter One of Found Objects counts as a win.

It's working.  I'm getting more ideas, producing more output, and am happier with the results than I have been in a long time.

Do you get that itch in your brain, too?  There are three pieces of paper sitting on my desk at home right now, all hand-scrawled notes that are waiting to be incorporated into existing works on my computer.  I can see them in my mind, and they make my brain itch. I can't wait to get home to them tonight.

This is going well.  I am satisfied with this.

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