Works in Progress

Works in Progress

I am doing a lot of work, but not a lot of writing.  I refuse to feel guilty about that right now. 

Today I cranked out a reading, three posts, a Unit Quiz, and an essay for school, and then managed to mark off a bunch of little tasks on my plan for the new website.

I think I have finally found the tool that works with my brain:  FreeMind.  I downloaded this thing a long time ago, and have toyed with it here and there, but when it came time to plan my future website it suddenly became the most awesome piece of software I've ever used. My brain works this way — or fails to work at all, rather, and this is the only tool I've found so far that helps me manage it in a way that doesn't just confuse me more.

This project is huge.  I suppose it would be a lot smaller if a) I were an artist, b) I were a graphic designer, and c) I were a web developer. Unfortunately I'm none of those things, so it's big.  I have to learn a lot of stuff to make it happen the way I want it to.  I could just throw some stuff into a WordPress theme and call it good, but you know how it is when you have a picture in your head and nothing short of that picture will do?  Anything less will just be a disappointment, and the task wouldn't feel complete.

So I'm going big. 

Fortunately I have a lot of people around me who are those things.  That will make it easier.  However, as I said, between that and school most of my spare cycles are pretty well used up, so no fiction is being committed right now.

In other, more important news: as most of you have probably heard, last week Teresa Neilsen-Hayden — Tor editor, co-proprietor of Making Light, instructor at Viable Paradise and moderator for BoingBoing — had a heart attack.  Patrick Neilsen-Hayden, her husband (and co-Most Of Those Things) is on Twitter, and posted an update on her condition today.  I'm sure that you're with me in wishing her a speedy and complete recovery.

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