Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame

Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame

Over the weekend we fit in a trip to the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle, which was every bit as cool as I had hoped it would be.  There are pictures of the outside here. I got some of the first exhibit, too, before I was told photography wasn't allowed.  I would love to post them, but since Docent Dude was nice enough to not make me delete them, I think I'd better return the favor by not screwing with people's copyright, even if I think it's silly and wrong to not let people see awesome things that have been seen before in other contexts when nobody is profiting from it (except in terms of cultural enrichment.)

The things I loved most were:

– The Gehry design of the exterior
– Futurama being included in the Science Fiction timeline
– Seeing actual Nebula and Hugo awards up close
– Ray Bradbury and George Lucas in The Hall of Fame
– Neal Stephenson's actual hand-written manuscript for the Baroque Cycle.  It's about as huge as you'd imagine.
– The interactive Spaceships exhibit

If ever you are in Seattle, don't miss it.

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