o hai.

o hai.

I has a blog.


The holidays passed without a blip from me here; it was a holiday season different from any before it, because I got to spend it with Patrick for the first time, and also my entire extended family (paternal side.)  It ranged from stressful to awesome, and deserved to be written about.  Alas.

Soooo… I'm sending off a story to Asimov's, I've pulled the novel off the shelf and have started my first read-through, I'm editing another story and thinking up a couple of new ones, and as usual it feels so good that I wonder why I haven't been doing it all along.  I mean, I know the answer, I've covered this here before — too many real issues to manage in real life makes it hard for me to sit around and daydream, which is what writing for me tends to be.  But my head is back in the clouds again, for the moment.

I'm not quite in the right blogging space, but I did want to wave my hands around a bit and say hi, I'm still here, I haven't given up yet.  In lieu of anything interesting or inspiring from me, I'll point you instead to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Novelists Blog, and this lovely post by Alma Alexander.  

I have reason to believe that 2008 is going to kick some serious ass.  

Happy New Year. 

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