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Month: September 2005

Another sleepy, disjointed post.

Another sleepy, disjointed post.

You know, there was a time – not that long ago – when I would say things in my journal like “Wrote an easy 1500 words tonight,” or “Added 600 to WIP x, 350 to WIP y, 200 to WIP z, and wrote five notecards for the novel.” Now I'm delighted and pleased with myself if I write 500 words in a night.

I keep reminding myself that my productivity has always been cyclical, and I'm just on the downside of the cycle right now. Autumn usually rejuvenates me, and it's just around the corner (we had to wear jackets to go out tonight, and the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks – both welcome harbingers of the season.)

I need to get comfy with 1500 per night, though – well, 1660 if I remember right. NaNoWriMo is coming up. We're talking about it in chat – people are already having panic attacks, and it's still almost two months away.

It's like any race – I need to train for it.

The day job is taking up a lot of spare cycles right now. On the one hand, I actually *like* my job for possibly the first time in my life, and I think I might turn out to be pretty good at it. That's a good thing. But it means that I'm still working even when I'm not working – I'm thinking about it, planning for it, reviewing it. That's processing time that used to be spent on story formation, world-building, and general day-dreaming.

So I think it's going to come down to discipline. I'm going to *have* to come out here to my lovely little sanctuary and make myself *produce.*

I still owe Camilla the crit, which I'm picking at a little at a time, and I haven't yet checked in with Dreamers. Sorry, guys. Give me a little more time to figure out how to juggle these things.

Oh, and the office – have I glowed properly about the office yet? I love it out here. I bought a massive wooden desk at an asset liquidation store, and had some spare pieces that I'm using to store office supplies and things, and I've hung some of the art (and can't wait to buy and/or make more.) It looks nice, it smells nice, and it's mine-all-mine.

Meanwhile – sleep. I have to work tomorrow (Sunday) but it feels more like I *get* to work tomorrow, and that is a very good thing.