I'm back!

I'm back!

What a long summer it's been.

The work thing is heating up as expected, which is taking up more processing power than I would like.

The fine people at the Dreamers crit group have invited me to join them, and I'm delighted and flattered and hope that I'm worth their while over the next few months.

I write this tonight from MY OFFICE, at my NEW DESK, with MY DOOR closed. It has been a long wait, and it was a long day of working on some final things like baseboards, but I'm finally in. I went on an Ebay art binge last week and bought some stuff for the walls – I intend to make this room a museum of peculiar pieces of art and miscellany. I want there to be story fodder everywhere I look.

I've fallen WAY behind on virtually everything. The first things I have to do are keep my commitments to other people – I need to finish my crit of the first 100 pages of Camilla's novel, and I have to write a proposal for a e-publishing panel for next year's conference. THEN I can turn to finishing the final draft of Sweetwater Kill, and get that submitted. By the time those three things are done, it will be time to outline in earnest in preparation for NaNoWriMo '05. I have about 35 pages of hand-written notes on this year's NaNovel, but it's still very nebulous and is not anything like a cohesive story yet. It had better come together quickly.

That's the news. It's good to be back. Good to be in this little 6' x 14' room. Good to have a plan. I hope everyone else is feeling good too.



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