Accidental retreat

Accidental retreat

Tomorrow I leave for Dallas on business – the day job will take care of itself, but this is a writing opportunity not to be missed. In that spirit I have carefully packed:

  • 4 Uniball pens
  • Pages 36 – 100 of Ice Rider
  • New composition book
  • Notecards for NaNovel 2004
  • Prewriting journal for NaNovel 2005
  • Latest issue of New Scientist
  • Latest issue of Locus
  • August SFFW newsletter
  • Paperback copy of Neverwhere

That should do the job. I'm committed. No television viewing, no non-corporate-mandated socializing – just writing. A lot of it.

I was going to take my laptop, but then decided that I didn't need the extra seven pounds. I can live without the internet for two days, and I think writing longhand might do me good. The only thing I'll miss is music. It's one full day of travel (critiquing and reading time,) two nights in a hotel (writing time,) and then a full evening of travel again. I intend to make the most of it.

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